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M2 Digital Media Group enables your business to connect with your target audience using direct response marketing strategies that create rapid engagement, increased revenues, and higher brand loyalty by design.

About M2 Digital Media Group

M2 Digital Media Group is a Chicago, IL based online business development company helping mid-to-small size companies with a full suite of online marketing services.

Founded in 2005 by a small group of brilliant marketing minds and successful entrepreneurs, M2 has consistently focused on getting clients measurable results utilizing a direct response approach across multiple marketing channels.

M2’s mission since day one of business has been to help its clients generate more revenue, accelerate business growth, and give the business owner more free time by using effective technology and automation solutions.

Our vision is to be the number one marketing partner for our clients and their ultimate go to source for digital marketing and advertising services. We take great pride in helping our clients achieve a powerful, professional, and purposeful presence online using proven online marketing strategies and techniques.

Being passionate business owners ourselves, we strive to help you achieve your business goals and dreams. Our core values as an organization are very clear in making our clients our number one priority. We are eager to serve and deeply care about the success of our projects and campaigns for clients. We practice proactive communication and are always there to answer questions and guide your along the path of online success.

We look forward to empowering your business to succeed online and working with you. To discover how M2 Digital Media Group can help you increase your revenue and grow your business, click the “Complimentary Consultation” button below.

M2 Digital Media Group

M2 Digital Media Group’s Purpose Is To Provides Proven Online Business Development Products And Services To Business Owners That Generate More Leads, More Revenue, Accelerate Business Growth, And Give The Business Owner More Free Time.

M2 Digital Media Group’s Vision Is To Be The #1 Online Business Development Partner Providing Our Clients With The Most Efficient And More Effective Digital Media Solutions That Enable Our Clients To Achieve Their Business Objectives.

M2 Digital Media Group’s Mission In 2016 Is To Successfully Direct 144 New Business Owners In To Create a Powerful, Purposeful, And Professional Online Presence That Systematically Generates More Leads, Customers, And Revenue.

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Jennifer Anderson is AMAZING! I had an incredible experience with her building my personal website. She helped me develop a vision and really cared about making the page feel like me. She was quick, professional and willing to take the time to teach me what I needed to know to manage and get the most out of my site. I felt really guided and supported and she made the process really exciting. I can not recommend her highly enough!

Roni Elissabeth Sloman -

Jennifer and I have been doing business together for the last two years. My experience has been educational, profitable and fun! Jennifer REALLY knows her business and how to translate that knowledge into YOUR business to make higher profits. I highly recommend working with Jennifer because she positive, creative and personable.

Randy Hughes -

The very first time I came across Jennifer was through a Facebook comment at our only mutual friend's post, saying "any time you need my help, just let me know..." A few days later we had an hour long conversation on Skype. She immediately started mentoring me. She brought a massive value to my business. Without asking too many questions, she already knew what I needed. Sometimes only a few encouraging words, sometimes a serious homework assignment, she hasn't taken her coaching hat off for me ever since. I wouldn't be here without her help! Thank you Jennifer!

Judit Tracy -

I am very grateful to have you working on my project. I received the list of items to work on and will be busy with it. I just want you to know I appreciate your attitude and the confidence you bring and I personally feel that you and your company are an answer to prayer for me. Ministries aren't considered valuable by most, and I am so blessed that is not the case here. Thank you!

Jan Moshier -

Tyler, You are great and your team did a marvelous job on my U tube video. Many customers have commented how well it was done. Great having you as a friend and business associate.

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  • We Listen Carefully And Care Deeply.
  • We Do Everything In Our Power To Serve.
  • We Get Tremendous Joy When We Help Others.
  • We Stay Optimistic As We Solve Challenges For Our Clients.
  • We Do Things Right The First Time Around For Our Clients.
  • We Do What We Said We Would Do, When We Said We Would Do It.
  • We Practice Fully Transparent Communication.
  • We Constantly Grow And Improve What We Do, And How We Do It.
  • We Believe In People And Their Dreams.
  • We Empower Business Owners To Succeed.
Tyler Morris

Tyler Morris

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

A business development consultant for over 10 years, Tyler Morris switched his focus to the world of digital marketing in early 2009.

Tyler's expertise is in the area of guiding small to medium businesses through the complex process of developing their business online by strategically positioning themselves apart from the competition.

Tyler takes great pleasure in helping businesses overcome the obstacles that stagnate growth and contribute to poor online performance. He's able to show a business owner how small shifts in strategy and proper allocation of marketing budgets can yield to greater results and higher profits by utilizing cutting edge timeless online business development principles.

Julie Morris

Julie Morris

Co-Founder & Director of Operations

Julie's expertise is in the area of successfully creating results for her clients by leveraging the latest strategies in digital marketing and online business development.

Julie takes great pleasure in managing a wide variety of marketing and web development projects at any given time in the areas of branding, social media marketing, video marketing, email marketing, local marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, pay per click marketing, and offline marketing strategies.

She is also an experienced strategist in picking the best web development platforms and technologies to craft high converting funnels. Julie has an in-depth understanding in web development and content management systems such as HTML5/CSS3, WordPress, MODx, Adobe Business Catalyst, and many more.

Lynn Lobit

Lynn Lobit

Chief Marketing Officer

Lynn is the Chief Marketing Officer for M2DMG, a full service marketing firm that works with clients ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 500. Prior to M2DMG, Lynn led the global marketing activities for NEC’s Enterprise Communication Technologies business. Previous to NEC, Ms. Lobit was employed for over 16 years at Motorola where she led globally event management, marketing communications, and product marketing for various business units. Over the years she has won several awards, including the BMA’s (Business Marketing Association) Best of Division award in the “Total Communications Programs under $200,000” and the Silver Award in program communication materials for the launch of a new business initiative for Motorola – the Enterprise Mobility Solutions Business.

Lynn has a BA from the University of Denver and a MBA with a specialization in Marketing from the University of Arizona. She is a Board Member on the Eller Advisory Board at the University of Arizona and a contributing author for the CMO Council’s Peer Sphere Magazine.

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