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Best Practice: Effective Website Conversion Ideas

Question: Is your website converting… (OR NOT)…?!!

More often than not, it really is the accumulation of small details on your website which causes a casual online visitor to convert to someone eagerly seeking your company for business or ideas.

As you can imagine, website conversion has changed greatly(and these changes are not going to stop anytime soon)…

Business owners have come to realize that even if they have a fair amount of traffic, only a small percentage of that traffic (generally less than 5%) will translate into real meaningful business possibilities for their company.

Yes, this is where you may be asking, “what can we do to improve conversion”?

In an effort to improve your website conversion rate, paying attention to a few simple details can make all the difference in the world.

So, today’s message is simple… it is geared specifically toward helping you optimize your online traffic and visitors so that you can generate more real selling opportunities, increase revenue and improve profitability for your company.

Here you go…

1. Well Thought Our Landing Page

When a user clicks on a relevant landing page (i.e., the page should give the user a clear and concise direction regarding next steps.

The primary objective for your well thought out landing page is to capture the user’s information.

First, a clear headline should be able to tell the user exactly what the page is for and what steps he or she should take.

Next, an image or graphic relating to the offer is a must. It breaks up the text, drawing the reader in instead of pushing him or her away.

The landing page MUST remain updated and current so your users do not second guess if it is a current offer.

The form should be visible and clear. If it becomes complicated, users will simply bounce off your website and will most likely end up at a competitor site.

2. Appropriate Call To Action

Adding a call to action button is one of the easiest and quickest ways to increase your website conversion. Although it takes very little time to add, this simple step will certainly bring browsers one step closer to you.

By requesting your visitors to take an action (call your office, download a report, request a callback, adding themselves to your mailing list, etc.), visitors are now positioned to become consumers of the meaningful information you are dishing out.

As these visitors receive relevant information (about your products, services, solutions), they are much more likely to seek you out as a trustworthy source.

Once you have gathered their contact information (i.e. phone number, email address, SMS for text messaging, etc.) you can then engage ongoing marketing and lead nurturing initiatives.

3. Timely Premium Content

In this case, premium content is the information you will provide the user in exchange for sharing their contact information.

It could be a quick “How-To” guidebook you hand out as a brochure, available for download or a “5 Steps Toward A Better…” checklist, etc.

Your ultimate goal is to draw the user in long enough to provide information and allow you to have future contact regarding your product, service or potential solution(s).

4. Customer Testimonials Are Key!!!

Perhaps the greatest missed opportunity is the lack of customer testimonials…

In 2017, your visitors are greatly inspired (or not) by what others have to say.

We call this “social influence”.

By simply adding customer testimonials and reviews, you bring your visitors one step closer to trusting you as an expert.

Since customer reviews are often sought after, these reviews can gently sway a browser from a neutral standpoint to one which is more favorable for in terms of your page one Google rankings.


If you feel this information is overwhelming or you just feel the need to run your ideas past our team, just give us a call…. We would be happy to help.

As one of our preferred members, you can contact us today at 800-234-1522 or to receive your FREE Digital Footprint Analysis Report.

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