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March Madness & Social Media Marketing Tips

What does March Madness have to do with your business….

Aside from a passion for winning, It means the 1st quarter is coming to an end, right?

Today’s topic is a regarding your Social Media Marketing (SMM) and a few tip to help improve your online communications…

Let’s go back a couple years…

You planned your Social Media Marketing strategy in 2015, right?!!

You spent months creating the perfect plan… and now are sitting back enjoying the fruits of your labor, right? Wrong!

Just as you regularly review your changing business needs, you need to regularly review your Social Media Marketing needs and make sure you modify your strategy to fit the ever-changing market and the needs of your consumer audience.

By taking time to carefully plan your online efforts, you can more easily target those ideal audiences you want.

Each small change you make can have a major impact on your overall marketing strategy, helping push more organic traffic to your site and allowing you to reach more of your target customers.

So right now you may be wondering, how does this work?

Well, that’s a great question…

Today’s message is very simple – it is designed to steer you in the right direction.

Here you go… enjoy!!

1. It is helpful to review your Social Media Marketing platforms

A few years ago, it was accepted that you needed to utilize a Social Media Marketing platform just because it existed and was popular.

Many businesses quickly realized that approach was often overwhelming and oftentimes the message was spread too thin.

By pinpointing where you can reach most of your customers, you can focus your efforts on the areas that can do the most good, better spreading your marketing message.

For example, a landscape business may want to focus their message on Facebook and Instagram with photo-heavy messages, while an HVAC company may want to spend more time creating videos and uploading them to YouTube, explaining different issues that may arise with heating and cooling systems.

Your primary goal of being on Social Media is to engage your customer. If you are not engaging, your time there is wasted.

2. Consider showing your work in a video

Video is a powerful key for many businesses…

If you can’t do that, sit down and explain useful information related to your company through a video. You become known as an industry leader when you publish videos related to your field.

You can help drive traffic to your website and better compete with top companies, demanding top-dollar for your services.

In addition to video, it is crucial to create high-quality, original content on a regular basis.

If you reach out with relevant, high-quality content on a daily or weekly basis, your followers will know when to expect your content. Over time, your followers will begin to trust what you publish and will give you an opportunity to showcase your expertise.

Eventually, they will start to seek you out first, should they need guidance and information in your field.

3. Additional Platforms

Finally, you must engage your audiences on the platforms you are active on.

Make time to re-post and share content from other related businesses in your feed as well as time to like and comment on existing content.

This makes you a more dynamic force, not just a static one.


If you feel this information is overwhelming or you just want to run some ideas past our team, just give us a call. We would be happy to help.

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