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Video – “The Biggest Content Marketing Trend” – 2017

By February 13, 2017Marketing, Video Marketing

Yes, it’s true — Everyone’s talking about “the video”… (even top CEO’s you want as your clients!!)

Quick Story: I was in a client meeting last week, and one of the items on the agenda was “how do we make the website more exciting?”, and “video” came up. A discussion about how we could make it work which got me to thinking about the increasing popularity of video, and its different purposes in marketing – hence this post.

FACT: Video builds trust faster than any other content strategy, period!!

The power of video only seems to be growing. With brands investing more and more in the medium, it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

Bottom Line: Video is truly a game-changer for brands… and it can help your brand too!!

Hope you enjoy today’s message.

Here you go…

Video Marketing: The Goal

Not every corporate video is made with “going viral” as its motivation, but views are obviously important.

Before diving into making a video, it’s important to identify its purpose. In the case of our M2 B2B clients, we are using video to increase visitor engagement on the website, to engage followers on social media, drive traffic to the site through social media, and also to promote brand awareness.

We are using video to engage visitors on our client’s site to encourage them to hang around, spend more time on the page and persuade them that what our client is offering is valuable, authoritative, and interesting enough to bring them back again and again. While video on social media should be introducing a brand, video hosted on a website should be tailored for an existing, familiar audience.

Five Corporate Video Types to Consider

Like consumers, B2B buyers search for new suppliers and services online. With “search metrics” revealing that video results are present in 14% of universal search integrations and that 82% of those are thanks to YouTube, there’s a real strong probability your corporate video could make a valuable impression on a would-be client, even before they hit your site.

The explainer video
Video is a great way of dissecting what could be complicated to a new user. A walk-through for a new piece of software, a step-by-step guide to completing a task, or breaking down advanced features.

The product overview
An extension of your sales team, a product overview will provide your audience with an introduction or insight while they research their options. Less commitment than face-to-face interaction, but much more than regular marketing collateral like brochures or a data sheet.

The presentation
Whether you’re turning your deck into a video, or filming a colleague delivering a talk, a recording of a presentation is a novel, engaging way of spreading knowledge. Not only that, descriptions and transcriptions provide SEO benefit too.

The event invite
A well-edited video covering one of your previous events’ highlights, complete with rockin’ soundtrack, and effective cut-aways, will show your audience what fun other attendees have had. If they weren’t convinced before, it may be enough to tip them over the edge.

The testimonial
My favorite – It’s one thing for you to believe your service is the best, but quite another for someone else to vouch for what you do. A video clip of a happy customer talking about their great experience with your organization adds another dimension to your claim.

Video is ingrained in Content Marketing

Video has pretty much exploded into marketing. It’s now the buyers’ first choice and with smartphone use and mobile search is on the rise. Creating and consuming video has never been easier. It’s hardly surprising video has become so popular. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, video must be millions, right?!!


If you feel this information is overwhelming or you just want to run some ideas past our team, just give us a call. We would be happy to help.

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